Today, we watched a video which showed that Cheeky Paris has forgotten how to be toilet trained over Christmas and keeps leaving puddles around the house. The children have been exploring materials with pipettes and water to see which materials would absorb the liquid and which wouldn’t.

3 thoughts on “Exploring

  1. The children look thrilled to be experimenting with different materials that absorb water. Ava helps mummy spray polish and the duster absorbs and shines all the wood.
    Also, Ava has a big sponge in the bath that absorbs the bath water super quick.
    What a fun day at school

  2. 1 Hall I really enjoyed watching you investigate, you were all very good scientists! You had some fabulous observations. What did you find out from your experiment? What would you like to find out next?

    • Thank you for leaving us a comment Miss Ainsworth.

      We loved science this week. Here is what we have found out:
      1. Cotton Wool absorbed the water really well and so did fabric.
      2. Paris’ puppy pad absorbed the water really well because it was made of a material which looked like cotton wool.
      3. We also discovered that you wouldn’t be able to clean up Paris’ mess with wood, metal or plastic.

      The children would like to learn some biology about different animals.

      Love from 1 Hall

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