Magnificent Money

In maths this week, we are learning all about money. The children are learning to identify the coins by their shape and size as well as recognising notes. We are also making various amounts with a mixture of coins and will be solving lots of problems involving things such as buying two items and giving change. Please try playing shops at home this week if you get any spare time or play the game in the following link.

please select the pink ‘counting’ option and coins ‘between 11p and 20p’.


Friday Fun

Wow, what a fun filled, busy afternoon. The children have been exploring polymers and linking this to our exploration activity  from earlier on in the week. They have also been investigating the best material to absorb water whilst keeping it a fair test by using pipettes to measure the amount of water.


Today, we watched a video which showed that Cheeky Paris has forgotten how to be toilet trained over Christmas and keeps leaving puddles around the house. The children have been exploring materials with pipettes and water to see which materials would absorb the liquid and which wouldn’t.