Farm to Fork

Wow, what a fantastic trip to Tesco we have had this morning. The children got to identify different types of fish, collect data about colours of fruit/ veg and they even got to go behind the scenes and access the storage rooms/ fridges/ freezers! After all of this, the children got to sample lots of different fruits and they were even given a goody bag to take home. All of the teachers are so proud of 1 Hall. The children were respectful, polite and were described as an asset to Hall Park School. Well done boys and girls. Also a big thank you to our parent helpers, we couldn’t do these trips without you!

Martin Luther King

This month we are learning all about famous black people in history and the impact they have had on the way we live today. In Year 1, we are learning all about Martin Luther King and his famous speech. Today, we have all drawn dreams based on equal opportunities.

Road Safety

WOW!! What a busy and wet week we have had!! This week we have been looking at road safety,reinforcing that we have to hold a grown ups hand, stop at the kerb, look and listen and walk cross the road in a straight line when it is safe to do so.
On Thursday we had a special visitor to help us , Jim , our school crossing patrol person. He reminded us that we also have to stop ,look and listen and not to cross the road until he is in the middle of the road and he says “OK”. We must also walk in front of him not behind him . He also loves to hear our `Thank Yous` as it brightens his day. 🙂
Here are some of the work sheets that belong to this unit of our Road Safety stage.